A real estate and gated community developer that has emerged as a leader in the field with its innovative projects, Sri Tirumala Balaji Lakshmi Projects Ltd (STBL), is among the top housing and estates company in Andhra Pradesh. Founded in the year 1999, the company has constructed an impressive array of residential complexes in and around Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Rajahmundry. Hyderabad.

Till date, we have successfully constructed 38 Gated communities, with approximately 3500 houses in Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, and Visakhapatnam, and Hyderabad. The houses are fully equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities which include a supermarket, a temple, gym, solar fencing etc. Realizing the dreams of middle-class families, of owning a house, STBL Projects Limited ensures that the customer gets the value for every rupee they invest on the house. Our unique customer-centric approach to business has won us the trust and admiration of people across the country.

Our commercial projects at Sheelanagar, Atchuthapuram, Madhurwada, Sabbavaram epitomize our innovative construction competency. The STBL Cineworld in Sheela Nagar, a first of its kind in the Telugu States, is a conglomeration of an Open air theater (Balaji drive in cinema), a Container theater (Balaji village cinema), and a Drive inn theater with drive-in restaurant and food zone that serves delicious food and also a play area for children to have some fun.

The Management

Mr. G. Balaji Veerabhadra Rao, CMD, STBL Projects Ltd, is a top-notch realtor and builder with more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate and Construction activities.

He is assisted by a team of Directors and is leading the company to success with his vision to serve the swelling middle-class and build  residential projects that are affordable. Delivering exceptional ventures and with successful projects under his management, he is playing a significant role in taking the company to greater heights.

Today, STBL is a prominent and trusted name in the industry and is famous for the timely delivery and great quality of work.

Our Vision

At STBL Projects Limited, we believe in delivering the best quality constructions for our customers, to meet their expectations and win their trust. Our team of high-caliber architects and qualified engineers have the competency and vast experience and understanding of customer requirements. As a trusted name in the field of Real Estate and Constructions, we are working towards creating beautiful living spaces that make our customers’ investments worthwhile.